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PAstured Poultry

We almost always have American Bresse and other speciality chicken breeds available for sale for your farm or table. American Bresse Chicks are $15, coop ready birds are $30 bucks, breeding stock are $50 a bird. Butcher ready birds are $10/lb live weight. They spend the majority of their life on pasture and organic feed and are antibiotic & GMO free.


Yard to Table:Your guide to producingMeat, gardening, & dairy on small acreage

This book will feature easy farm to table recipes, tips on farming on small acreage and edible landscaping garden plans! Subscribe to our enewsletter for sneak peaks and news!

Roasted Turkey

Farm Fresh EGGS

Collected daily, we have the finest pastured duck and chicken eggs for your recipes. $6/dozen chicken eggs for the table, $50 dozen for incubator ready American Bresse Eggs. 



Sport your support for Ferguson Funny Farm and critters with our line of swag. Visit our clothing store by clicking the link below. Under Construction. COMING SOON!

Coming Soon Neon Light
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