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How we went Quackers During "the Rona"

One thing we are learning about in the pandemic is the importance of good food. It's not called the Covid 19 for nothing and we are serious foodies and animal lovers! In a mission to raise a fast maturing meat source for ourselves, family, and friends we decided to raise dual purpose ducks for eggs and high quality meat. Now we are offering our edible treasures to the local Placer County and greater Sacramento area.


Our pastured duck eggs are AMAZING in baked goods or any recipe that calls for eggs. We regularly post recipes on our Instagram to familiarize consumers with this uncommon protein source. Duck eggs are not a widely known but are superior to your old chicken egg with larger richer yolks, more albumen (which means more structure in your bakes, we're looking at you Great British Baking Show fans!). Their thick shell gives them a longer shelf life as well.

We raise meat birds on a limited basis with deposits to restaurants or for personal consumption. Our roasting ducks live on day time pasture, with supplements and secured freshly cleaned shelter each night. If we didn't do this, our coyotes and raccoons would be our biggest customers, and they are F#%*^% freeloaders!!!


Unlike the majority of store bought ducks that live in big giant bird warehouses with artificial lights, our birds live as close to nature as possible until harvest date. We raise them in small numbers, quality is better than quantity any day. We can then deliver them to a local USDA certified facility or process them on farm then deliver right to you.


Our layer and meat ducks have the best life foraging natural vegetation and grubs. They take regular naps under the trees and sprinklers, dips in the pool or pond, and retire to deep fresh bedding at night... everything but massage but experiments on creating the next KOBE duck and chicken are underway. 


Farm Manager

Paige Ferguson


"Happy birds pop out happy eggs."

If you would like to reserve your next restaurant duck special, purchase duck eggs, or hatch out some ducklings for your own duck farm email or call us and we would be happy to accommodate you and make your culinary dreams come true. 

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