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Our passion is producing eggs and meat from humanely raised Bresse chickens for a healthy and ethical culinary experience anyone will enjoy.

We also raise ADGA registered Nigerian dwarf goats from champion dairy lines and miniature zebu cattle. 

Free Range Poultry Farm

Happy Birds = Happy Eggs & Food

We have a small number of essential workers here at the Ferguson Funny Farm. Our layers and meatbirds are selected for their calm dispositions, laying, health, meat bird characteristics. Our flock consists of a variety of exhibition and heritage breeds of chickens including Cream Legbar, Olive Eggers, and American Bresse.


We are a tiny by mighty farm and believe quality is better than quantity so we can ensure each bird gets proper nutrition and attention to ensure the healthy and vitality of the flock. This gives us better eggs & product.

Everyone gets a rich diet of natural grasses and forage during the day along with enriched supplements in their quack shack at night. Because our ducks get plenty of exercise, they also make excellent table birds that are not super fatty. 

We also raise mini zebu cattle, grass fed angus beef, and Nigerian dwarf goats with excellent dairy lines. 

Organic Eggs
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